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A Family Experience

Hearing and Low Vision Solutions was founded by Matt Vasquez in 1969 to offer low vision treatment and devices to the San Francisco community. His goals were to help those in need overcome their vision loss and provide more opportunities for his family.

Our History

In 1976, the practice became a family affair, with Matt’s sons, David and Bruce, joining him as opticians. David became a licensed hearing aid dispenser in 1978; successfully expanding the practice’s services to include hearing loss treatment.

To this day, Hearing and Low Vision Solutions is family owned and operated. We believe in treating our patients like they are part of our family too.

Whether you’re having trouble hearing or seeing, you’ll receive the best possible care at our San Francisco office. Our experienced staff is here for you, utilizing advanced diagnostic testing to provide cutting-edge technology solutions for your hearing or vision problems. We work hard to make sure we are improving your quality of life.

Dedication and Experience

Meet Our Staff

We are very proud to offer our hearing and low vision services to the diverse San Francisco area. We offer a multi-lingual staff to ensure our patients feel comfortable and fully understand their health information and any treatment plans we may develop.
Dave Vasquez

Dave Vasquez

My name is Dave Vasquez, owner of Hearing and Low Vision Solutions. I started my career in 1975 working for Bausch & Lomb. In 1976, my brother Bruce and I joined my father’s growing optical business. Looking for other ways to serve my clients, I became licensed as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.

One of eight children, I learned early on the value of family. I see daily how hearing and vision loss can negatively affect relationships with family and friends. Having a serious vision problem since childhood, I have experienced these problems first hand. I think that is what motivates me to find the best possible solutions for clients hearing and vision problems.

My parents taught me the value of hard work and giving back to the community. My father was the founding president of our local Rotary club. I too was a founding member. I have twice served as president. Through Rotary, I am able to help less fortunate people both locally and internationally.

In my spare time, I like to compete in triathlons. I have participated in 8 long distance bicycle rides (400+ miles) to raise money for the American Lung Association.

The hearing and low vision fields are constantly changing and improving. Changing technologies require constant continual education to stay abreast of devices and services that can better serve my clients. Sometimes I am amazed at the changes I’ve seen in my 38-year career.

Karen Ly

Karen Ly

Hello, I’m Karen Ly. I’ve been working at Hearing and Low Vision Solutions since July of 2015. I am a Technical Assistant as well as translator for Cantonese and Mandarin. This is a whole new field for me. For twenty years I worked as a graphic designer for a newspaper. I enjoy meeting the diverse group of people we have in our office. These friendly clients represent many different countries and cultures. Many people are nervous when they first receive their hearing devices, I can see it in their face. Once I have worked with them on how to use their devices, they become more confident. I take a lot of pride in being able to help them transition to better hearing.

I love to cook and eat. My favorite dishes are sea urchin, crab, and abalone. I’m very athletic. I used to play a lot of sports like tennis, volleyball, and squash. Nowadays I enjoy taking long walks. I love exploring the different areas of San Francisco.


Anna Bolkhovitina

Anna Bolkhovitina

Hello, I’m Anna Bolkhovitina. I’m the newest member of Hearing and Low Vision Solutions. I started in March of 2016. I’m very proud to be a part of this amazing team. I work as an office assistant and Russian translator. I’m the first person that most people meet when they come to the office. It gives me lots of opportunities to experience different people in our international city. It makes me smile when I see the result of our hard work. Many people drop by just to say thank you for the attention and help. That’s the goal of our efforts.

In my free time, I love to travel. There are still lots of places I’ve never been and plan to visit. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new languages. Exploring the West Coast has become my passion and San Francisco is a great starting point for my explorations.

Спасибо за Ваше время и внимание, всегда рады Вам помочь!

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