Hearing-impaired individuals know it’s hard to communicate comfortably with their friends and family. Sometimes, people with hearing loss get so frustrated that they just tune out.

But it’s hard for their loved ones, as well. Families don’t like to see someone they care about struggling with hearing loss.

Hearing and Low Vision Solutions in San Francisco, California believes that when a family member has hearing loss, the entire family struggles to communicate. It’s a two-way street, and both the hearing-impaired listener and his or her communication partner play a role in reducing the frustrations that might arise during a conversation.

That’s why we’ve devised three tips for the friends and family of those with hearing loss to enjoy better conversations.

1. Speak clearly and steadily
The best way to speak clearly for your hearing impaired loved one is to face him or her so your communication partner can take advantage of lip cues. Speak a little bit more slowly, a little bit louder and with natural inflection, not monotone.

2. Stay aware of your surroundings
Remember that noisy restaurants or rock concerts are challenging listening situations for everyone, not just for people with hearing loss. So when you’re out and about, think of ways to minimize communication problems ahead of time. The efforts you take to plan for a “noise-free” event, like turning off the TV or frequenting an intimate restaurant, will benefit ALL of your guests!

3. Stay positive
Remind yourself that even though it’s sometimes difficult communicating with your hearing impaired loved one, it’s even a greater challenge for that person. Be patient, stay positive and cherish your own healthy hearing.

Do you have tips for improving conversations with your hearing impaired loved one? Share your experiences with Hearing and Low Vision Solutions in San Francisco, California! Contact us online or call 415.683.3704 now!