A growing body of research reveals that your hearing health and heart health frequently correspond. Although the jury is still out on why there’s a connection and which comes first, this correlation stresses the importance of those 40 and older to get their hearing tested as part of their routine medical care. Most people with hearing loss benefit from hearing aids, which improves health and overall quality of life.

The Heart-Hearing Connection
Recent studies show that a healthy cardiovascular system, which includes your heart, veins and arteries, has a positive effect on your hearing. By contract, inadequate blood flow might contribute to hearing loss. The inner ear is extremely sensitive to blood flow, so abnormalities in the cardiovascular system might be seen in the ears before they manifest in other parts of the body.
Some researchers even believe that the ear might be a window to the heart, and urge all Gen Xers and Baby Boomers to see a hearing specialist.

About Hearing Aids
Research also shows that hearing loss is associated with other medical and emotional conditions and that people with hearing loss who wear hearing aids enjoy a better quality of life. The vast majority of hearing aid wearers claim they’re satisfied with their hearing aids and note significant, positive changes with self-esteem, work productivity and personal relationships.

Today’s hearing aids are not your grandparents’ hearing devices. They are:

  • Virtually invisible
  • Designed to automatically adjust to a variety of different soundscapes
  • Worn during exercise
  • Compatible with smartphones, home entertainment devices and other electronics
  • Convenient, discreet and stylish.

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