It’s January, which means it’s the season again for New Year’s resolution. Often, people set unrealistic goals that are quickly forgotten by mid-March.

Make 2017 your healthiest year yet with Hearing and Low Vision Solutions in San Francisco, CA! Resolve to protect your hearing health and better understand hearing impairments. It’s a great gift you can give a friend or family member with hearing loss, too.

What is hearing loss?

Chances are you know someone who’s hearing impaired. About 20 percent of Americans, 48 million, report some degree of hearing loss.

For a person with hearing loss, a portion of the ear doesn’t function properly. Various areas of the ear may be affected. Fluid in the ear canal further complicates hearing, and the sounds they do hear are distorted.

Understanding hearing loss

One of the biggest problems for your hearing impaired loved one is when friends and family don’t understand how hearing loss impacts his or her life. Try a simulation tool like the Starkey hearing simulator, which demonstrates how your hearing impaired family member experiences sound.

Communication and hearing loss

Hearing loss poses several challenges for effective communication. With this in mind, you can develop strategies to converse better with a hearing impaired loved one. Try these simple tips:

  • Use precise pronunciation
  • Talk at a normal pace
  • When a word isn’t clear, use a different word with the same meaning
  • Face your communication partner so he or she can lip read, if necessary
  • Keep your sense of humor! Instead of getting frustrated with communication difficulties, why not laugh them off and try again?

For more tips on how to make understanding hearing loss a successful New Year’s resolution, contact Hearing and Low Vision Solutions in San Francisco, CA at 415-683-3704 today!