Living the rock ‘n roll lifestyle might be glamorous, but it can take a toll on your health – including your hearing. Prolonged exposure to music or other sources of loud noise can damage your hearing, so it’s not surprising that musicians are often the culprit of noise-induced hearing loss.

Here are some iconic singers who have experienced some degree of hearing loss.

Sting, well-respected for his solo career and member of “The Police,” developed hearing loss over the course of his career. Today, he’s a vocal activist for hearing aid and ear protection use.

Bono, lead vocalist from U2, suffers from tinnitus, the medical term for ringing in the ears. In fact, Bono got his name from a hearing aid dispensary in Ireland, which had a sign reading “Bonavox Hearing Aids.”

Barbara Streisand, singer and actress, has been suffering from tinnitus since the age of seven. Her hearing problems disrupt her mood and sleep cycle, and has led to balance problems.

Phil Collins, former lead singer of “Genesis,” is an advocate for those suffering from hearing loss. He’s even reduced the number of concerts he plays in order to avoid further damage to and hearing loss in his left ear., front man of the band “The Black-Eyed Peas,” suffers from severe tinnitus. He sees an audiologist, and actually attributes his success to hearing loss. According to, “Music is the only thing which eases my tinnitus pain.”

Remember, you’re not alone in your hearing loss. One in nine Americans has some degree of hearing problems. In fact, hearing impairment is the third most prevalent chronic condition in our country after circulatory problems and arthritis.

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