What is BrainHearing Technology?

When your ears receive sounds, the information is sent to your brain and translated into meaning. Since the brain tries to fill in the gaps for sounds you don’t hear, the hearing process can be exhausting for those who suffer from hearing loss.

Oticon hearing aids – like the Oticon Opn – use innovative BrainHearing technology to help you understand what’s being said with less listening effort. This groundbreaking BrainHearing technology combines four main audiological components that work together continuously:

  • Speech Guard
  • Spatial Sound
  • YouMatic
  • Free Focus

Speech Guard

Speech Guard protects speech clarity to help you understand what’s being said, allowing you to actively engage in conversation and easily switch between conversation partners, even in noisy environments.

Spatial Sound

Spatial hearing supports your brain’s ability to locate the source and direction of sounds around you so you can respond appropriately.


YouMatic allows hearing aid wearers to hear sounds more naturally. Oticon hearing aids can be precisely tuned to match your unique hearing profile and personal sound preferences.

Free Focus

The automatic Free Focus function allows you to concentrate on relevant sounds while maintaining awareness of your wider surroundings.

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