The march of technology keeps getting smaller and smaller. In fact, small enough to fit into your ear. With a 2021 rollout, one of the long-time leaders in hearing aid tech — the Danish company Oticon — is releasing its new Oticon More line.

Harnessing what the company dubs a Deep Neural Network (DNN), the latest upgrade to what a hearing aid can do sports 12 million “real-life” sound scenarios pre-installed into its programming. The strategy is to move beyond just amplifying human speech to enhancing the hearing experience beyond what was previously possible by better synchronizing with the human brain’s auditory processer.

The core innovation of the system is a hearing aid that recognizes the vast majority of soundscapes that a user might experience and, via the DNN, send to the brain information that is both relevant and manageable. It doesn’t just turn up the volume but rather shapes the entire sound spectrum instantaneously.

“We have long advocated the need to support the brain through hearing technology, and as a consequence, we have pioneered many technologies that are already helping our users to lead fuller lives,” explained Ole Asboe Jørgensen (president of the Oticon Brand, Global) when the More product line was announced. “The brain needs access to a full sound scene in order to focus well.”

Coming with a rechargeable battery system and the kind of mobile connectivity that is now standard in the industry, the Oticon More is a trailblazer.

“Hearing aids should, put simply, help you to hear all you need, and comfortably. By limiting what you can hear to just a single person speaking for example, which most hearing aids do, your brain is forced to work harder in an unnatural way, and you can be cut off from other conversations around you,” says Jørgensen. “We are so proud to be inventing hearing technology that will shape the hearing aids of tomorrow, and leading the way with the new, extraordinary Oticon More.”