Talking to a relative about their hearing loss might sound hard, particularly if it’s obvious that he or she is suffering and needs hearing help. But the holidays can be an ideal time to discuss a loved one’s hearing disorder in a positive setting. Hearing & Low Vision Solutions in San Francisco, CA, offers three useful tips for approaching a relative regarding hearing loss.

1. Find the right time.

Set the stage for successful talk. Pick a quiet place that your hearing-impaired loved one is familiar with. Eliminate background noise that might make it harder for your relative to hear and understand what you’re saying. Don’t shout, but speak slowly and clearly. Make sure you’re facing your loved one so he or she will be able to read your lips, if needed.

2. Emphasize the benefits.

Choose compassionate words that emphasize the importance of treatment. Provide real-life examples, like: “When your friend tells that joke you love, you’ll be able to hear each word,” or “You’ll enjoy hearing your grandson sing in the church choir.” Explain that hearing disorders can lead to other health problems, like heart disease and depression, and tell your relative that a hearing evaluation is his or her first step to a healthier, happier life.

3. Offer to schedule and attend your loved one’s hearing consultation.

The holidays are often a difficult time for those with hearing loss. But with the support of friends and family, it doesn’t need to be. Make your relative feel at ease by scheduling his or her hearing appointment – and having your own hearing checked, too! Assure your relative that he or she has nothing to lose by seeing a hearing specialist.

For more tips about how to approach a relative about his or her hearing difficulties, and to schedule a hearing consultation, contact Hearing & Low Vision Solutions in San Francisco, CA, at 415.683.3704!