Are you unsure how to tell your Valentine that you have hearing loss or self-conscious about dating with hearing aids?

The dating scene is tough for anyone to navigate, and hearing loss might make it seem even more challenging. Thankfully, a little planning can give you more confidence when you’re with your new love interest.

Consider these five tips on your next date.

1. Pick the location
If you know a quiet restaurant around the corner, it’s probably a good place to meet. Choose a table away from loudspeakers and the kitchen so you can concentrate on what your Valentine has to say. Avoid noisy places, like clubs, where you might have a difficult time hearing.

2. Don’t bluff
Don’t be shy about asking your date to repeat words or phrases you might have missed. Pretending that you understood what your Valentine said could have undesirable consequences, so stay honest and open.

3. Maintain eye contact
It’s nice to gaze into your partner’s eyes when you’re on a date – and it’s crucial when you have hearing loss! This way, you can lip read and take conversational cues when needed.

4. Be upfront
Deciding when to reveal you have hearing loss is a tough and personal decision. But it’s often best to be upfront. You don’t have anything to hide!

5. Relax and have fun!
You probably wouldn’t judge your date for wearing glasses, and wearing hearing aids shouldn’t be any different. Think of your hearing aids as great, powerful gadgets and present them with pride.

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