Hearing Services

Hear More, Live Better

We understand how difficult it can be living with hearing loss. It weakens your relationships and distances you from friends and family. Hearing loss can also put your health and career at risk. We can help you hear what you’ve been missing.

Did you know, because we hear with our brains, untreated hearing loss can lead to cognitive difficulties and increase the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s?

We are committed to providing comprehensive and professional hearing healthcare and have been since 1978. These services are provided from prevention to rehabilitation, for all individuals with hearing concerns. Our patient care is uniquely tailored and reflects the professional concern and attention required to allow each individual to succeed toward their goal of improved quality of life through better hearing.

What to Expect

We begin with a personal discuss to learn about your medical history and hearing problems. We then conduct thorough tests to detect the type and extent of your hearing loss and to determine if hearing aids are right for you.

Our hearing tests include:

•    Audiometric Evaluations
•    Sound Field Testing
•    Real Ear Measurement
•    Video Otoscopy
•    Air, Bone, and Speech Discrimination Tests

Need Hearing Aids?

Once we complete your hearing testing, we will work together to find the perfect device for your individual hearing needs, as well as your lifestyle and budget. We also carry custom-made earmolds and assistive listening devices to protect your hearing and improve situational hearing loss.

We carry hearing aids from some of the industry’s top manufacturers with a wide variety of styles and optional features.

Assistive Listening Devices and Accessories

In addition to providing all fitting, programming and evaluation services needed for hearing aids, we also provide customized hearing protection, assistive listening devices and hearing aid accessories including:


  • Custom-made Musician In-ear Monitors-These can be personalized for the type of music you play!
  • Custom Hearing Protection-Perfect – and highly recommended! – for those who work in loud, noisy conditions (construction or factory workers) or those with loud hobbies like hunters or car buffs.
  • Custom Sleep Molds-For those with snoring partners or noisy neighbors.
    Swim Molds
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Loop and FM Systems

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