Those with perfect hearing might find it difficult to imagine a world with muted conversations – or no sound at all. However, millions of people struggle daily with significant hearing loss.

That’s why Hearing and Low Vision Solutions carries only the finest hearing aid brands – so we can offer our patients the best hearing solutions.

We work with the industry’s leading hearing aid manufacturers to provide you with the newest technology at the lowest prices. And our expert hearing professionals can help you choose the best hearing aid for your unique lifestyle.

Unitron offers products to treat all degrees of hearing loss. These revolutionary devices provide enough amplification to address even profound hearing impairments. Unitron prides itself on its dependable hearing solutions, including:

Stride – Both BTE and ITE styles that satisfy your needs and let you focus on conversations with new clarity.
Moxi – Three discreet RIC styles that offer reliability, durability and functionality.
Max – The only hearing instrument that protects hearing health by combating over-amplification.
Flex – A unique and powerful tool that enables wearers to try hearing aids with an in-home trial.

Phonak is a leading developer in hearing acoustics and audiological solutions. Their products fit seamlessly into your life and are both water and dust-resistant. Phonak offers a completely new approach to better hearing with products, like:

Audeo – A small device that automatically selects the best possible settings to maximize hearing.
Sky – A high-performance hearing aid that lets kids explore their world by automatically adjusting to different environments.
Naida – A powerful device that enables you to experience the nuance of sounds – and hear them better.
Virto – A discrete product that provides comfort, meets every day needs, and enhances music.
Bolero – A reliable hearing aid that is water and dust-resistant.
CROS – A smart solution for single-sided hearing that lets you choose what sounds to hear.

Oticon offers a range of hearing aids designed to meet all lifestyle and performance requirements. Their innovative BrainHearing technology enables wearers to have greater speech comprehension. Oticon also specializes in wireless technology, like ConnectionLine, for smartphones. Incorporating innovation at every turn, their products include:

Alta – A premium hearing aid that offers more personalization features.
Nera – A mid-level hearing device that has superior sound quality.
Ria – An essential hearing solution specifically designed for noisy listening environments.
Dynamo – An aid that has been developed for profound hearing loss, letting you stay in the conversation.
Sensei – A child-friendly device that offers individual support during school and play.
Sensi SP – A class of hearing aids designed for severe to profound hearing loss in kids.
OPN – A one-of-a-kind hearing aid that takes an “open sound” approach via the new Velox platform. Wearers experience less listening effort and enjoy better speech understanding. The free, downloadable Oticon ON App allows users discreet control of their device and other internet-connected solutions.

Additional Products

There are some cases in which hearing aids aren't the best solution for your hearing health needs. That's why we offer additional products, including custom-made earmolds, assistive listening devices and hearing protection to help with mild and situational hearing loss.

Call 415-683-3704 and schedule your appointment at our San Francisco office to learn more about the exceptional products at Hearing and Low Vision Solutions.