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Oticon, one of the world’s most trusted and innovative hearing aid manufacturers, has modernized hearing aid technology with its BrainHearing feature.

By combining Speech Guard E, Spatial Sound, Free Focus and YouMatic technologies, the Oticon Velox platform better supports the brain’s natural process of understanding sound.

BrainHearing technology modifies sounds that the wearer doesn’t hear well, so the unique characteristics of speech are captured and preserved. This process keeps the neural pathways engaged so the brain doesn’t need to work as hard or relearn how to hear.

Oticon Styles

OpnThe “Open Sound” Difference

Using the Velox platform, the Oticon Opn uses an “open sound” approach to manage multiple speech sources, even in difficult listening environments, allowing wearers to switch focus naturally. Opn uses BrainHearing technology to make listening easier on the brain.  Users report 30% better speech understanding, 20% less listening effort and 20% better conversation recall. Opn also connects to the Internet with the free Oticon ON app. Users enjoy complete control of their hearing aids from their smart device, and can even control household electronics directly from their hearing aids.

Because of the speed and precision of the OpenSound Navigator, Oticon Opn can reduce noise to significantly decrease listening effort, even in easy listening situations. In doing so, it significantly narrows the gap in listening effort between people with normal hearing and people with hearing loss. Oticon Opn 1 provides the most support across different listening environments

Alta2Go for the Best

These premium hearing aids offer more personalization than ever before. The Alta2 automatically adjusts to sound and optimizes clarity. It works harmoniously with the brain, allowing wearers to hear in any situation.

Nera2Because Every Moment Matters

Enjoy more of life with the Nera2, which gives wearers a natural hearing experience with less listening effort. The hearing devices blend seamlessly with the way your ears and brain work together, and process sound in real-time to create a hard-working hearing solution.

Ria2Rediscover Good Hearing

Even in noisy situations, the Ria2 hearing aids provide excellent sound quality for a natural listening experience. The hearing aids embrace custom style and color options to enhance comfort and flexibility. The Ria2 has built-in tinnitus management technology to help relieve ringing in the ears.

DynamoMore Power to Participate

This innovative, super-powered hearing instrument enables those with profound hearing loss to enjoy more speech detail. The Dynamo captures more high-frequency sounds critical to speech understanding, and its robust design works in any environment without annoying feedback.

ConnectClipWith ConnectClip, it’s easy to make hands-free calls with your iPhone® or Android™ phone.

ConnectClip transmits the caller’s voice directly to your hearing aids while the built-in microphone clearly transmits what you say to the caller. ConnectClip transforms your Opn hearing aids into a high-quality wireless headset enabling you to:


  • Make and receive hands-free calls in the car or on the go — streaming to both ears
  • Wirelessly stream music, videos or other sound from your mobile phone to your hearing aids
  • Control the volume and change programs remotely

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