Phonak Hearing Aids

Life is on with Phonak

Reconnect to the beauty of sound with Phonak hearing aids. Thanks to an innovative spirit and modern technology, industry-leading manufacturer Phonak continuously offers the best possible solutions for hearing aid wearers.

Phonak Styles

Audeo B-RThe only rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aid

These hearing aids feature a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides 24 hours of use with just one charge. They run on the AutoSense OS operating system, seamlessly adapting to sounds wherever life takes you. You won’t have to adjust your hearing aids manually, so you can live in the moment.

Audeo BHearing aids that adjust to every sound automatically

This hearing aid automatically adjusts to your environment for an effortless listening experience. Enjoy 60% more speech understanding, even in noisy environments, and 10% improved soft-speech understanding. And it’s rechargeable, so you can kiss those disposable batteries good-bye! Together with your hearing care professional, you can choose from 1 of 5 models to best suit your hearing goals.

CROS BThe best solution for single-sided hearing

Eliminate having to position yourself so that everyone sits on your good side! With the CROS B, you’ll reduce background noise and zoom in on the voice you want to hear. It streams sounds from all directions to your good ear, so you won’t miss a beat while driving or out on the town. This simple device is ready to use after being fitted.

Sky VKids explore the world with confidence

These hearing aids automatically adjust to your kid’s environments, giving your child optimal input for learning language and speech. And since they’re water, dust and sweat resistant, nothing will get in the way of fun! The simple functionality and new indicator lights ensure that you’ll know when the device is on and if the battery is low. Choose from countless color combinations and 5 models.

Naida VHear more than you ever imagined

The Naida V proves just how mighty a small hearing aid can be. Thanks to SoundRecover2, you’ll experience high- and low-pitched sounds for better hearing in everyday life. It’s 60% more robust and water resistant than previous models. It also offers 62% more speech understanding in noisy situations, so it’s ideal for those with severe to profound hearing loss. Your hearing healthcare specialist can advise you on the right model and performance level to best suit your lifestyle.

Virto VVisibly small, audible big

Available in 8 colors and 6 models, you’ll find the right solution for your degree of hearing loss with the Virto V. These hearing aids fit perfectly and comfortably in your ear canal, and they’re so compact you won’t even realize you’re wearing them – nor will anyone else.

Bolero BThe finest performance and reliability

These hearing aids offer the best high-performance technology for a seamless listening experience in challenging environments. The robust and attractive design automatically adapts to your sound environment, effortlessly moving between different listening situations. There’s no manual adjustment needed, so you can focus on hearing what’s important to you.

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