A leading manufacturer of hearing aids, Oticon, has recently released a major hardware accessory for its Opn line. The ConnectClip is not only an external microphone that connects wirelessly to an Oticon Opn. Because it also connects wirelessly to smartphones such as the iPhone or Android, it allows for hands-free phone conversations in any situation.

With the ConnectClip integrated with an Opn hearing aid and a smartphone, an interconnected system is created that mimics a wireless headset system. Phone conversations can occur without the physical inconvenience of having to hold the phone and both the incoming and outgoing sound quality is unrivalled.

A directional microphone feature focuses the ConnectClip on the user’s voice when speaking. The incoming sound to the smartphone is streamed directly to the Opn hearing aid. Voilà, a wireless headset system is born.

The ConnectClip can also be used in other ways. In noisy sound situations, it can narrow the input target of the Opn. This is especially helpful in picking up voices when there is a good deal of other sound in the area. Sort of like a small-scale boom microphone, it focuses the operating parameters of what is already one of the best hearing aids on the market.

Using the ConnectClip as a remote control device, adjustments can be made to the Opn without any undue fumbling or having to remove it from your ear.

The system is based on a 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy streaming setup. Input from MP3 players, TVs, and computers can also be routed directly to the Opn via the ConnectClip, which can linkup with the other devices via their internal Bluetooth or a BTD 800 USB dongle.