The Oticon Opn S is the second generation of the Opn line that was introduced in 2016. It represents a major upgrade. It makes major inroads in ridding users of feedback — long a nemesis of hearing aid wearers — and heightens the quality of the hearing experience overall.

When the new line was announced, Oticon’s Global Brand President Ole Asboe Jørgensen mentioned that the simple act of hugging someone often causes hearing aid users to experience feedback. The Opn S is said to do away with this annoyance, doing so with software code that doesn’t just mute the sound level while the feedback is occurring.

Another new feature is the ability to not only link the Opn S to an iPhone or Android phone, but to make them an extension of the hearing aid’s capabilities. This works through a new feature of the Oticon On App, the OpenSound Booster, and will make the Opn S perform even better in noisy environments.

One of the models will also be Oticon’s first rechargeable unit, with a lithium-ion battery that can be charged overnight while the user is sleeping.

In addition, current overall sound quality capabilities are enhanced with this upgrade. According to the company, speech understanding and memory recall are both boosted by 10 percent or more for users over the first-generation Opn, while listening effort is reduced 10 percent. This is getting Oticon closer to its goal of creating a hearing experience for those with impairment on par with people with full hearing intact.