Vision Services

Get The Whole Picture

You may not realize how much you rely on your sight until it fades. Impaired vision follows you wherever you go like a fog that never lifts. Whether you're at work, trying to relax in your home, or enjoying the beautiful San Francisco area, you'll never get the full picture when you have vision loss.

At Hearing and Low Vision Solutions, we offer low vision products that can improve your vision and quality of life. We begin with an assessment of your low vision needs, and with your individual results in mind, make honest recommendations for low vision devices, including video magnifiers and monoculars that will dramatically improve your ability to see.

Our vision services include:

  • One-on-one consultations
  • Comprehensive low vision assessment
  • Patient education and support
  • Low vision products and devices

It's time to step out of the fog. Call 415-683-3704 today to schedule your appointment and let us help you see the big picture.