Vision Services

Seeing is Believing

At Hearing and Low Vision Solutions, we’ll help you overcome vision loss with the latest technology. Our vision devices help with a wide range of impairments, and we have many options and features to fit your individual needs.


magnifiers-hand Magnifiers can help individuals with vision loss adapt to a variety of situations. From traditional hand-held magnifiers for reading and writing to stand and lamp magnifiers for your desk or hobby station, Hearing and Low Vision Solutions has something for everyone.


monoculars Some people have trouble seeing from a distance. Whether you're in a classroom trying to read the chalkboard or need to see the stage at a live event in San Francisco, monoculars are lightweight, portable vision aids that allow you to see exactly what you need to see.

Video Devices

video-devices Video magnifiers take what you need to see and turn it into a clear, crisp digital image. They also provide more optional features and customization than traditional magnifiers, making them a smart, modern choice for treating visual impairments.


Call 415-683-3704 today to schedule an appointment. While you're here, you can learn more about our exceptional vision devices. You’ll have to see them to believe them.